Volleyball star Tsetso Sokolov: Such a miracle has never happened to us

After the nightmarish 2:3 defeat by Mexico at the World Cup, with which Bulgaria was eliminated as the last team in its group, Tsvetan Sokolov – the captain and star of our team, commented:

“Such a miracle has never happened to us. I don’t know what to say.

We haven’t shown a game like that, or at least I don’t remember. They outplayed us, they wanted to win more, which shouldn’t happen.

We can’t go out like that, as if we’ve lost even before the start of the match. We had to earn the victory. Voltage doesn’t matter, it just can’t happen.

We could not finish the match and the game, but there is nothing to justify. We didn’t play well.”

The selector Nikolay Zhelyazkov also found the strength to speak:

“The ambition of this team was to go forward. After the first two losses, it was very difficult to gather. It’s always difficult at such times.

We tried and did everything we could. Mexico had a diagonal that we couldn’t stop. They played good defense while we were nervous. It’s a matter of psychology. An unfortunate loss.

We made a lot of mistakes on service. In such situations, everyone should be able to overcome. Can’t say we haven’t tried. We have to learn to do our best as a mentality. We relaxed after winning the first game.”

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