Vladimir Putin joked about nuclear annihilation on purpose

Vladimir Putin appeared at the event organized by the Valdai discussion club. During the interview, one of the presenters of the conference asked the Russian president a question about his hints of nuclear war. Instead of dealing with the serious prospect of global conflict, President Putin took the opportunity to joke about nuclear annihilation.

Presenter Fyodor Lukyanov turned to Vladimir Putin: “We got a little nervous, remembering your comments at this same event four years ago that ‘we’ll all end up in heaven’. We’re in no rush, are we?”

President Putin did not answer this question, instead continuing to stare straight ahead at the nervous-looking audience gathered below.

The host urged, “You’re considering it. That in itself is kind of disturbing.”

Then Putin laughed and replied: “I did this on purpose to alarm you – the effect is achieved.”

His decision to mock the concept of nuclear war comes after the Russian president made clear threats to attack Western countries in response to their support for Ukraine. However, his threat may turn out to be no bluff at all, as in a national address he declared: “In the event of a threat to the territorial integrity of our country and to the defense of Russia and our people, we will certainly use all available weapons systems”. He even boasted himself that Moscow has “more advanced” weapons systems than NATO countries, Express reports.


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