Vili Vutsov went berserk after the second loss for Krumovgrad, threatened the players

Krumovgrad coach Velislav Vutsov was extremely affected after the team’s second loss in a row.

Only two rounds ago, the team of the colorful special was the leader in the Second League standings, but it is already in sixth place.

Krumovgrad was the first to fall with 1:2 from the double of Botev Plovdiv, and today also lost as a host with 1:4 against Montana. This enraged Vutsov, who lashed out at his players.

“We killed ourselves. We conceded absurd goals, for the second game in a row we conceded them. I expected a reaction, but we reacted in a terrible way. The mistakes for the goals are like first-graders. Childish mistakes. We had organization in the first 15 minutes of the second half, but then it was a hell of a story.

I am worried about what is shown, there will be very serious conversations on many topics. An outrage! What I see as a game is very far from desired. We also have a very serious physical problem as the team is not well prepared. We get injured all the time. I don’t want to shift the blame.

Let’s see how many points we will have by the New Year and based on that we will make plans. If this is our level, we are very far from what is required for the elite. Everyone tells me that I overworked the players, and that may be true, but there is no football without running,” said Vutsov, who took over the team a month ago with the main goal of getting it into the First League.

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