Vileda Looper: the new electric broom that makes us forget bucket and mop


Vileda expands its range of floor cleaners with the Looper. This new electric broom sprays water on the floor before the passage of its two rotating mops. Equipped with microfiber pads, it adapts to all types of floors, including laminate floors.

Only two controls are located on the device, at the level of the handle: one turns the mop on and off, while the second releases water. The user then presses the latter for a longer or shorter time depending on the quantity of water desired. Unlike other cleaners, such as Tineco Floor One S3 or the Dreame H11, the Looper does not have an automatic mode. The user is king. The two mops always rotate at the same speed, each towards the inside of the broom.

Always with speed and convenience in mind, Vileda has designed its cordless floor cleaner. It can be placed on its storage tray after the wash session, but this does not recharge the broom’s battery. It is indeed necessary to use the independent charger provided by the manufacturer which offers 35 minutes of autonomy to the device after a full charge of 4 hours.

Either way, this docking station is designed to allow skates to air dry. It is therefore quite possible to leave them attached to the head of the appliance once the washing is finished. Ultimatelythese mops are machine washable at 60° and their microfiber coating adapts to all surfaces, including the most fragile, such as laminate parquet.

Finally, Vileda promises exceptional maneuverability thanks to the articulation between the washing head and the mop handle. The Looper would therefore be able to sneak under furniture and in all corners without the slightest problem. That’s what we’ll be evaluating soon: the Vileda Looper is on its way to our lab. For now, the device is already available from retailers at a price of 160 €.

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