Verstappen refuses to give interviews to Sky Sports

Max Verstappen Photo Red Bull Content Pool

Max Verstappen refuses to give interviews to Sky Sports. The Red Bull driver boycotted the British broadcaster from the start of the Mexican Grand Prix race weekend.

The main reason for Verstappen’s actions are words spoken by Ted Kravitz. Sky Sports’ pitlane reporter has repeatedly commented on the battle between the Dutchman and Lewis Hamilton in the 2021 F1 season. Kravitz has made it clear that Michael Massi “robbed” Lewis Hamilton at the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The former F1 race director made several mistakes during last year’s race at the Yas Marina circuit.

We recall that Max Verstappen won his first world championship in an extremely controversial way at the end of last year. The Red Bull driver was cruising away from success in Abu Dhabi before Nicolas Latifi crashed in the closing stages of the race. The Canadian’s incident led to a safety car that remained on the track until the penultimate lap. The Red Bull rider took advantage of this and put on soft tires. During the race delay, Massi ordered all cars between Verstappen and Hamilton to move forward. After the restart on the last lap, the Dutchman easily handled his British rival, who was on more worn hard Pirelli tires.

Kravitz criticized the Australian’s actions and claimed he had “gifted” the title to Verstappen.

“Would Michael Massi have made the same decision if Max Verstappen was leading on old, worn hard tires and Lewis Hamilton was behind him on fresh softs?” asked the Sky Sports reporter.

The finale of this year’s Italian Grand Prix was also quite controversial. In the final laps of the race, Daniel Ricciardo stopped his car between the two Lesmo corners. This led to the appearance of a safety car, which remained until the end of the race due to the slow work of the marshals. In this way, Verstappen guaranteed himself the victory without having to worry about being attacked by Leclerc or any other rival.

Kravitz did not fail to comment on this incident.

“Was that it [Монца] fair result as it was not in Abu Dhabi? Yes, that was a fair result.”

Kravitz also had his say on the Austin race. Verstappen then led a contentious battle in Hamilton several laps before the end of the race. The Sky Sports pit lane reporter compared the situation to a movie script.

“[Хамилтън] didn’t win a race all year. Finally, he returns to a track where he can win the first race of the year. He was up against the same man who had triumphed in the race in which Lewis had been robbed the previous year. In the end, this guy manages to finish ahead of him,” Kravitz said.

“What a scenario and what a story that would have been. But then it didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to, did it?’

“It happened because the driver who was ‘gifted’ last year’s title overtook him because he has a faster car. It has such an advantage because of the engineering, F1 and car design that Adrian Newey has done so well.”

During the US Grand Prix weekend in Texas, Kravitz also mentioned that Verstappen doesn’t win titles the “normal way”. The Red Bull driver was named two-time world champion shortly after the end of the shortened race at the Suzuka circuit. The reason Max defended his crown back in Japan was a controversial penalty for Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc.

“Verstappen was in the paddock [на Остин] and he seemed very pleased with himself. He doesn’t seem like a driver capable of winning the championship in a normal way,” added Ted Kravitz.

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