Verstappen: My race was a terrible mess

photo: Pirelli

Max Verstappen experienced a chaotic Singapore Grand Prix, finishing seventh and his team-mate Sergio Perez won the racealthough he has to wait to find out if he will keep his win.

“The anti-lock system came on at the start. We have to analyze exactly what happened, but I lost a lot of places at the start. I tried to overtake rivals. Some maneuvers worked, some didn’t, but when you’re stuck in a train, the tires overheat and it’s quite difficult to fight,” commented Verstappen.

“We had some luck because of other drivers’ mistakes. I was fifth when I tried to take Lando’s fourth place [Норис]. The moment I caught up with him, the rear end sank. I had serious problems with it and going off the race track made the care worse because it’s even rougher there than on the line where we were basically passing.”

“The moment I hit the brakes, the front tires went up in the air and I just kept going straight. Then I had to go through the pit again because of the huge vibrations. I put on new tires and had to chase the points again. This performance was not what we want. But when you find yourself in that position on the grid, it can either work out or not, like it did for us.”

“I’m not racing to be seventh – not with a car like that. It was a terrible chaos,” admitted Verstappen.

Finally, when asked if he would be happy to leave Singapore, the Dutchman: “Yes, I would be happy.”

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