Valve takes Steam Deck repair seriously and opens dedicated centers

When designing its Steam Deck, Valve imagined a portable console that was fairly simple to open, with fairly easy access to the main components via fairly standard tools. A good surprise for the iFixit specialists who gave it a 7/10 in repairability rating. Nevertheless, the manufacturer has no choice but to provide after-sales service for its product itself, and this is a point on which Valve still had room for improvement. To improve things, he announces the opening of repair centers dedicated to the Steam Deck in order to optimally take care of any malfunctions.

“If you have an issue and need to return your Steam Deck for repair or replacement, devices will now be sent to one of our repair centers. Upon receipt, our team will diagnose, repair your Steam Deck if necessary, then ship it back to you”, formalizes Valve. Of course, any repairs carried out will be free of charge under the warranty. Apart from this coverage, an estimate will be sent after examination of the console; the user is free to accept it or not.

Valve also specifies that “repair kits, spare parts and guides are available on iFixit. Indeed, the company has established a partnership with the specialist in tech repairs, in particular for the provision of spare parts. Many tutorials are thus offered to remedy many problems, ranging from battery replacement to SSD replacement, through the screen or analog buttons and joysticks.

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