USSR vs. Putin. Alla Pugacheva’s appeal – A dagger in Putin’s bunker

The USSR rose up against Putin. This is how Russian socialites and informal media took the 50-word address, if we count the prepositions, of Russian and Soviet pop star Alla Pugacheva, with which she turned to the Russian Ministry of Justice with a request to be declared a foreign agent.

“Please include me in the list of foreign agents of my beloved country, and I am in solidarity with my husband, an honest, decent and sincere person, a true and incorruptible patriot of Russia, wishing his homeland prosperity, peaceful life, freedom of speech and ending the deaths of our boys for illusory purposes, turning our country into a monster and making life difficult for our citizens,” wrote the “Million Scarlet Roses” singer. However, Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Pyotr Tolstoy said that the singer would not be declared a foreign agent and said that Pugacheva has lost touch with reality.

Alla Borisovna’s words came after Moscow’s decision to list her husband Maxim Galkin as a foreign agent. The so-called list of foreign agents appeared in the Russian legal peace in 2012 after the adoption of the law on non-profit organizations, but in the conditions of the Kremlin’s full-scale war against Ukraine that began after February 24, the list turned into a directory of “Russian enemies” “, which unites dissenters and those who disapprove of Putin’s war against Kyiv.

If the speeches of individual human rights defenders, suffocated opposition politicians, anonymous citizens and even more popular artists and musicians against Russia’s policy regarding Ukraine were silenced and marginalized, and in the language of war they could be compared to Kalashnikov shots or in the most the good case with a Javelin sight against official Kremlin policy, Alla Pugacheva’s 50 words rang out like a hypersonic “Dagger” fired at Vladimir Putin’s bunker. Why? Because a very large number of supporters of Putin’s special operation are “orphans of the Soviet Union”. Born and raised in a country resounding with slogans for peace, conquering space and rhythmic gymnastics and calling itself fair and successful, traveling to communism with 200, as today’s classics would put it, and crashing somewhere along the way in Eurasian realities in some capitalism with feudal impurities.

Russian socialites emphasize that Pugacheva is the only surviving bearer of the image of the “good USSR”, a myth with which for 20 years Putin’s “agitation and propaganda” fed its flock, a kind of myth of the “lost paradise” which his friends adored and his opponents respected. In other words, that’s where I’m leading you, that’s what I’ll bring back, that’s why I’m waging this war, because of you. And that held together, though the past tense here is rushed. And suddenly the living classic of the state, “the woman who sings”, speaks such wild things – freedom of speech, the destruction of our boys, illusory goals, the state is a freak…
The appeal of the worldwide popular singer did not remain alone. Actors Danil Kozlovsky, Nikita Efremov and Kiril Safonov, Boris Nemtsov’s widow Ekaterina Odintsova, Little Big group, singer Natalya Vetlitskaya, Sergey Shnurov’s ex-wife Matilda, designer Valentin Yudashkin stood behind her words.

“I am proud and admired!” – wrote the performer of “Vernisage” and “Not yet evening” – the Latvian Laima Vaikule.

Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda also thanked Alla Pugacheva for her publicly expressed position. Ksenia Sobchak and Irina Shikhman, tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov, humorist Alexander Gudkov, actors Maksim Vitorgan, Yulia Vysotskaya and Elena Vorobei, screenwriter and producer Semyon Slepakov put a heart of approval under the publication of the vocal Russian woman.

The pro-Kremlin righteous had only a few hours at their disposal to stand down. Then they took the righteous stand and took the symbol of the USSR in their sights.

“To be deprived of citizenship and expelled!” – this is what the famous trainer of the Russian Federation, Edgard Zapashniy, called for Pugacheva and her supporting artists. The animal tamer suggests that Russia should not get involved with those who support Pugacheva. Others directly accused the Primate of the USSR and the Russian Federation of gathering under their flags the fifth column in the country.

Rapper Timothy (Timur Yunusov) stood publicly against Alla Pugacheva. patriotism. To be the favorite of the authorities and to have received state awards all your life, to practically collect the complete collection of orders and to stumble on the last step… Here, rather, there is some truth that the ordinary reader does not know,” Yunusov reasoned.

“Another liberal trick – to accept the position of a victim, at the same time realizing your impunity, as long as the singer is confident that she will not suffer under any circumstances,” reacted the daughter of the late writer Vasily Shukshin and Lidia Fadeeva in the right way for Russia – Shukshina – the actress Maria Shukshina.

“I hope many are now beginning to understand the role and significance of Stalin, even more so after the long civil war in the country.” And here the Pugachovs, Gudkovs and all kinds of rubbish have got bored and despite this, it’s a democracy in our country, they don’t even isolate them. And the grandmother messed everything up,” wrote Tsargrad TV channel connected to Alexander Dugin.

“The conversation about Pugacheva and her application – this is not a question about Galkin and other pawns. This is already serious. This is a mouthpiece of this scumbag-pacifist defeatist Jewish gang,” says actor Sergey Evseev.

“Repent in peace, Alla Borisovna,” Kremlin propagandist Vladimir Solovyov also said.

Political scientist Snanislav Belkovsky, however, believes that Alla Pugacheva de facto becomes the leader of the anti-war part of society in the Russian Federation. Economist Prof. Maxim Mironov announced the performer as his candidate for the presidential elections in 2024. Former municipal deputy from St. Petersburg Maxim Reznik predicts that “Pugacheva’s uprising will lead to the fall of the regime.” The leader of the human rights group “Agora” Pavel Chikov notes, that “Alla Pugacheva declared herself for freedom of speech against repression and war. A million scarlet roses against the forces of evil.”

The statement of the favorite of several generations of Russians and citizens of the USSR divided public opinion in the Russian Federation, at least in the visible spectrum – among popular people. How her words are perceived by the masses and how they might affect overall support for the war in Ukraine is too early to tell. In any case, a voice like Pugacheva’s cannot be silenced or remain unheard. Nor is it easy to be sent behind bars or tripped from a hospital window.

“Even now, Andropov rose from the grave and rushed to defend Putin, and he would not be able to save his clumsy lieutenant colonel against the slap that peeled off Pugacheva,” write critical Russian bloggers.


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