Unique video! Volodymyr Zelenskiy entertained Russians for the People’s Republic of China 10 years ago.

TV channel “Russia 1”. On January 1, 2013, the “First New Year’s Eve” program was hosted by Maxim Galkin and Volodymyr Zelensky, writes the site, declared a foreign agent in Russia and published a video of the program.

Galkin and Zelensky joke about the tradition of New Year’s drunkenness, Russian salad and Philip Kirkorov. “Soviet champagne entered the Guinness Book of Records as a paradox: there is a drink, there is no country. Galkin is outraged that according to the new law on the prohibition of advertising of alcohol and cigarettes, it should also be prohibited “Guess!”, because “children they will see how the wolf smokes”. Zelensky replies that he is recorded in Galkin’s phone as a “guest worker”. Nikolai Baskov, Yevgeny Petrosyan, Potap and Nastya perform songs. Vera Brezhneva blows air kisses to the hall, Vladimir Solovyov laughs at the jokes of Zelensky.At the tables are Oleg Gazmanov, Dmitry Guberniev, Grigoriy Leps, other stars from Russia and Ukraine.

10 years later, Ukraine and Russia are at war. Zelensky is the president and commander-in-chief. Galkin spoke out against the war and was forced to leave Russia because he was declared a “foreign agent”. Vera Brezhneva is on the list of “unwanted artists” in Russia and is a volunteer at a humanitarian aid station. In his talk show, Vladimir Solovyov calls for the destruction of Ukraine and calls Zelensky a “drug addict.” Potap collects money for the victims of the war. Petrosyan, Baskov and Leps support the “special operation”. Gazmanov announced a concert in annexed Kherson, but it failed after the Ukrainians retook the city. Guberniev performs “patriotic” concerts. Rossiya 1 is banned across Europe as the main weapon of Putin’s propaganda.


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