UNIAN: The Russian army is fleeing Kherson, the military command has left the Moscow-occupied city

The majority of the military command of the Russian occupation troops in Kherson have left the city, the first deputy chairman of the Kherson regional council, loyal to Kyiv, Yury Sobolevsky, announced in the national television marathon in Ukraine, quoted by UNIAN.

Commenting on the operational situation in the region, and in particular that Ukrainian artillery has destroyed all the bridges across the Dnieper and now the Russians are transferring their entire command to the right bank, he said: “I can confirm that. Indeed, today the orcs do not have a single safe logistical route that would satisfy their military needs specifically to provide for the military group that is located just outside of Kherson. Sobolevsky confirmed that all arteries are under complete fire control of Kyiv.

“Apparently this became the main reason why the Russian military command actually left Kherson. Most of them have already left Kherson, that’s what the reports are saying,” added the deputy chairman of the occupied region. He also added that the Antonovsky Bridge, despite the attempts of the Russian occupiers to repair it, is now in such a state that it cannot be used even as a pedestrian bridge without great risk.

“Even as a pedestrian ford, it will be a great risk to the people if they (the Russians, b.r.) open this bridge at all.” It is closed to the public and civilians are not allowed near it to this day. There was already a large number of damages there, and after each successive strike of the APU, they increase. They did try to make repairs, but all the repair was to remove the damaged coating and put a slab there and cover it with asphalt. The occupiers understand that at any time the VSU may stop their repair work. I am convinced that in military terms they will no longer be able to use this bridge,” Sobolevski added.

On August 14, the representative of the operational command “South” of the Ukrainian Armed Forces announced that the Ukrainian forces had disabled the Antonovsky Bridge. The Ukrainian Armed Forces also destroyed large warehouses of Russian equipment, weapons and ammunition in Nova Kakhovka and Muzikovka.

On Monday morning, the mayor of Melitopol before the Russian invasion, Ivan Fyodorov, announced that during the past 24 hours, Ukrainian guerrillas were southwest of the city on the railway bridge that the Russians used to travel between the area and Crimea. “This means a complete lack of echelons from the Crimean side,” Fyodorov wrote in Telegram.


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