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In a special interview for one of the new players of CSKA 1948 – Parviz Umarbaev talks about his transfer to the “reds”, about the atmosphere in the club and about his time in Lokomotiv Plovdiv.

– Parviz, you are one of the new players of CSKA 1948. How are you adapting to the club?
– Hello, I am adapting very well. I have been here for a month now and I feel good.

– What is the atmosphere in the club?
– So far, the atmosphere in the club is just perfect. We record good results, work hard and with enthusiasm.

– How did your new teammates accept you?
– I was received very well, I did not expect to adapt so quickly in the team.

– Tell us more about how this transfer came about?
– I received an offer from the club back in April. Even then it became clear to me that I would play here, but for some reasons my transfer was delayed.

– Were there any other offers for you?
– There were, but they are no longer important. It is important that I am a CSKA player.

– You are gradually recording game minutes, how is your physical condition?
– I have already played two matches, I am gradually getting into the rhythm of the game, but I will need some more time.

– What is it like to train under the guidance of Luboslav Penev?
– I can only say good things about him. I think everyone in the team will learn a lot about football.

– Does the leadership position in the efbet League give you more self-confidence?
– It’s normal for it to be like that after we have the most points. We play to win every game and we don’t look at how our opponents are performing.

– With what feelings did you leave Lokomotiv Plovdiv after so many years at the club?
– After six wonderful years and four trophies won, I have only good feelings for this team.

– Now you have a match with CSKA, are you ready for it?
– We prepare for victory before every match, and it is the same now.

– Do you think that CSKA’s elimination from the European tournaments will affect the team’s game?
– This is their problem, we are looking at our team and we want to win the match

– For the finale – what do you wish for with the “red” shirt?
⦁ I have high goals, both for myself and for the club. I think that is enough

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