Ukrainian commandos blew up the Crimean bridge (Video)

The bombing of the bridge that connects Crimea to mainland Russia was organized and carried out by commandos from the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). This is claimed by the Ukrainian agency UNIAN, citing its source from the special services.

However, the press service of the SBU has not commented, the agency specifies.

“We do not comment. The role of the SBU or any other part of us in this will be commented upon after our final victory,” SBU press secretary Artem Dekhtyarenko replied to UNIAN.

The Crimean bridge, which passes over the Kerch Strait, was blown up early in the morning on October 8. The initial information was about an exploded train with fuel tanks. However, security camera videos later showed that the blast came from the roadway, possibly from a truck bomb, and also affected the train.

Speculations appeared on social networks that the Ukrainians used a mini-submarine that arrived near the bridge and attacked from the sea.

Shortly after the bridge was blown up, Russian representatives said it was the work of “Ukrainian vandals”.

As a result of the explosion, one roadway was destroyed. Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed a special commission to investigate the “extraordinary accident”, as the bridge explosion is officially called in Russia. In Crimea, a limit was imposed on the amount of food that one person could buy.


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