Ukraine resumes the football championship by order of President Zelensky

Ukraine resumes the football championship by order of President Zelensky

The football championship of Ukraine started on August 23, although the situation in the country is extremely complicated.

The hostilities have been going on for 6 months, and due to the invasion of the Russian troops at the end of February, sports life was totally stopped. This also applies to the football league, which ended the season and declared the standings final before the spring division was played.

Now football is starting again, as President Volodymyr Zelensky has issued and signed an order to that effect. The goal is to “return a sense of normalcy” to the people, as the announcement in the media in Kyiv states.

In fact, football for the country has already returned, but outside its borders. Shakhtar are in the draw directly for the group stage of the Champions League, and Dynamo (Kyiv), after playing 27 consecutive control matches from January to July, eliminated Ferencvaros and Sturm (Graz) in succession to be in the Champions League play-off against Benfica.

Zorya (Luhansk) was eliminated from the Romanian Universitatia (Crajova) in the Conference League, and Vorskla – from the Swedish AIK in the same tournament. In the Europa League, Dnipro is straight into the playoffs.

But it is the domestic championship that would give the feeling that things are really getting some kind of normalcy. It should start in a week, on Tuesday, August 23. Why on Tuesday? This is Flag Day – a national holiday in Ukraine. And that is why he was chosen by the state leadership.

All divisions start, not just the elite. Men’s first, second and third, as well as the women’s championship.

There will be no spectators, at least in the first rounds. The presence of police and military units will be increased, there will also be a permanent link with the air defense, as well as bomb shelters in the stadiums.

Naturally, club managers, players and coaches are worried.

They have been training abroad for months, in Poland, Slovakia or Italy, in order to get in shape. They play friendlies. But now they will have to play very close to the action…