UK Post still in crisis after cyberattack, parcels sent in dribs and drabs

In the UK, the postal service is taking a breather. Since January 11, Royal Mail’s international shipments have been blocked, after the computer system was impacted by a cyberattack. Since Wednesday, past shipments are beginning to be processed, reports the BBC.

Of the “alternatives” deployed

Parcels that have already been processed are gradually routed in “limited volumes”, says the company. Letters to foreign countries are now accepted again. For new packages, you will have to wait a little longer. Royal Mail has indicated in recent days that it has been the victim of a “cyber incident“, without specifying the precise nature of the attack. According to several cybersecurity experts across the Channel, the postal service was the target of ransomware. The malware would have blocked part of the company’s computer system, paralyzing shipments international.

In detail, it is the operations requiring a customs operation that have been impacted since last week. Since Wednesday, “operational alternatives” would be implemented, said Royal Mail, in a still imprecise communication. And to add: “Our initial focus will be on clearing mail that has already been processed and is waiting to be dispatched.”

Economic activity impacted

A paralysis of shipments which strongly penalizes the economic activity of companies. As a result of the blocking of international shipments, customers outside the United Kingdom are seeing their parcels delayed day by day. An attack that is part of a long list of inconveniences. For several months, the Royal Mail has been experiencing setbacks, in particular with sporadic strikes during the end-of-year holidays in 2022. The Assos platform, specializing in the sale of cosmetics and clothing, has thus been strongly impacted, with delays the chain.

We’ve been in business for almost 30 years, but these two months have been the worst we’ve had with Royal Mail. We are missing orders“, laments Sean Fothersgill, a salesman of scale models quoted by Bloomberg. A crisis that is pushing some companies to turn away from the postal service in favor of private carriers such as DPD or UPS.

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