UEFA pointed the finger at Petev and Bosnia for the control against Russia

Bosnia and Herzegovina risk being stripped of all UEFA funding if they play their friendly with Russia as planned.

A few days ago it became clear that the team of Bosnia, led by Ivajlo Petev, intends to visit St. Petersburg on November 19, where they will play a game against the national team of Russia, which, as we know, has been eliminated from all competitions.

The news was not well received by football’s governing bodies, as although UEFA’s first comment was that control matches were not dependent on the European headquarters, a day later the position was changed.

The information that has appeared in the Western media and in Bosnia claim that a warning has arrived in the local federation that if the control takes place, based on the sanctions against Russia, UEFA will be able to review Bosnia’s development programs.

In recent years, federations of the middle European level, such as those of Bosnia, Bulgaria and the rest of the Balkan countries, have received quite serious funds under a variety of programs. They are the main source of income for these federations.

UEFA has no way to ban Bosnia from playing this control because it is not an official match. However, the warning is clear: If you play, the consequences can be serious.

At this stage, it is not clear how they will do in Sarajevo, because the friendly match has not yet been canceled, but remains on schedule on November 10 in St. Petersburg.

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