Uber will develop more city-friendly electric cars for ride-sharing and delivery

Uber wants to optimize costs across its entire chain. To achieve its goals, the American transport giant is developing a new range of electric vehicles specially designed for its delivery and carpooling activities, announced its CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, at wall street journal from Davos (Switzerland), on the occasion of the World Economic Forum.

Two- or three-wheeled vehicles for delivery

For this manager, the vehicles currently on the market are not suited to his needs in terms of passenger transport. “I think the top speed of many cars is not necessary for city driving associated with carpooling”, he explains. Uber’s CEO says he wants vehicles with more appropriate performance. “If you reduce the specifications, you can reduce the final cost”he insists.

For its delivery businesses such as Uber Direct and Uber Eat, the company is currently designing smaller vehicles with only two or three wheels and a trunk. A reduction in size that would allow “weave through traffic more easily” while reducing the impact on the environment and road traffic. These announcements are part of the global project to electrify the fleet dedicated to Uber drivers, by 2030 worldwide and locally by 2025.

The stable economic horizon at Uber

Unlike a slew of members of North American Big Tech, Dara Khosrowshahi does not foresee any layoffs in the coming months. Profitability should remain good, still driven by home meal delivery and private shopping. “We have obviously, because of all the prophecies of doom to come, looked very carefully [la situation et] what we see in terms of consumer spending on a local basis is still quite strong”tries to reassure the manager.

Dara Khosrowshahi was one of the first tech CEOs to warn of the global economic downturn. In May 2022, he had called for a cost reduction and a group-wide hiring freeze. A decision that was once highly contested internally.

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