Two goals and two hit celebrations – Rebich and Burke mixed up a money and bananas mystery

Money and bananas – these are definitely the two hits of the football weekend, in which fans saw both beautiful goals and unconventional celebrations. And Ante Rebic from Milan and Corey Burke from Philadelphia became the main actors.

What the two have in common is that they scored the fourth goals for their teams, scored them in a crazy way, got everyone’s attention and…refused to reveal the reason for it all. And it was worth it.


Rebic set the tone for the odd goal celebrations by striking Udinese’s goal in the Serie A opener and then making a signature finger and thumb sign as if counting money. Judging by the sad grimace on his face, the Croatian may be trying to suggest that he deserves a higher salary at the San Siro. Fortunately, in the end, Rebich still laughed and showed that it was all a joke.

After the fight, his actions immediately became a hit for the Italian media, who tried to find out what the real reason was. However, nobody from Milan had any idea, and Rebić himself refused any comment, passing the question with a smile.

As for Corey Burke, the Philadelphia forward scored a late goal to seal his team’s win over the Chicago Fire in the American Major League Soccer, then immediately ran to team headquarters. There he was given a pre-prepared banana, which he gladly munched demonstratively.

Many immediately thought that Burke was protesting some form of racism. But his club was adamant that it was not about a negative connotation, but simply about an unconventional form of joy. What is the reason? A mystery…

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