Twitter: why you’ll see a lot more tweets from people you don’t follow

New change in the Twitter algorithm. Social network users will now be exposed to more tweets from people they don’t follow. This update aims to offer more relevant content for Internet users, and to a lesser extent to attract advertisers to the platform.

“We are expanding the recommendations”

“We want to make sure everyone on Twitter sees the best content on the platform. We are therefore expanding the recommendations to all users, including those who may not have seen them in the past”announced the social network in a tweet published on Wednesday, November 30, 2022. Clearly, the platform will display content optimized for each of its users.

An invitation to discover new tweets which, at first glance, could solve part of the problem of filter bubbles.

The weak signals scrutinized by Twitter

The relevance of messages, photos and videos displayed on the timeline often locks users into a narrow circle of information. Recommendations could alleviate this phenomenon, although the choice of content to be displayed is purely personalized. In a article dated September, Twitter explained how its algorithms choose which tweets to expose or not to Internet users. The recommendations are based on a carefully established digital identity.

“The content we recommend depends on the actions you take on Twitter, also known as signals”, explains the social network. These elements may include the interests declared to Twitter, the subjects followed with recurrence, the tweets to which the user replies, or even “the tweets people in your network like”. So many factors that finally invite the Internet user to stay in his bubble.

However, tweeters can choose whether or not to activate the algorithmic sorting of content. The thread can be set according to two options: “the latest tweets” in chronological order, or “Home” which leaves room for the choices of the Twitter algo. To improve the relevance of the recommendations program, users can flag interesting content.

Attract advertisers

As noted by our colleagues from The Verge, pushing the recommendations slider a little further could help the platform stand out from its competitors and attract more new users. The social network newly acquired by Elon Musk would also seek to bring back its advertisers. With the departure of the majority of employees and the growing rise of hate online, Twitter has scared off many advertisers.

Displaying advanced recommendations and improving usage statistics could be of interest to many companies. The possibility of buying advertisements even more adapted to the user is a real advantage, because it is much more profitable for the advertiser. A formidable commercial strategy, sinews of war of all social networks.

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