Twitter layoffs: Most contractor moderators fired

Elon Musk never stops cutting into the workforce of Twitter. Latest operation to date: the dismissal of a large number of contract workers this Friday, November 11. A movement that is part of the company’s new budgetary policy. According to information from the specialized journalist Casey Newtonthe cuts were made in the content moderation, marketing and real estate sectors.

Shedding of 75% of the workforce

Employees working for contractors of the company were not notified by Twitter. Many have realized the end of their contract with the social network after losing access to their email address or their Slack account. Similarly, managers were not informed of these measures. The deactivation of these employees who are often essential to the proper functioning of Twitter could have palpable consequences for the operation of the services. “One of my subcontractors has just been deactivated, without notice, while carrying out essential operations around child safety“, said a bewildered manager on Slack.

According to the journalist, around 4,400 of Twitter’s 5,500 subcontractors have been “deactivated” in recent days, or 75% of the workforce.

Contract workers today are said to be worried about the payment of their last salary. Since the layoffs within Twitter, many employees essential to the management of subcontractors would be missing, recalls Axios.

Redefining priorities

Several contract employees of the American giant would have ended up receiving an email from the company a few hours after the loss of their account. This is the case of Surya Systems workers officiating for Twitter. The latter were informed of the end of their mission on the grounds of a “reprioritization and savings“within the company, as evidenced by an email disclosed by Business Insider.

In order to preserve Twitter’s confidential information and for security reasons, your access to the system and your badge has been immediately deactivated.“, states in particular this email. The subcontractors of Surya Systems are in the process informed of their last day at Twitter: Monday, November 14.

Asked by our colleagues, an employee of Surya Systems is surprised at the way the news was announced: “I don’t understand how they didn’t learn from their debacle last week. I don’t think it’s appropriate to treat employees this way.

These new cuts could well prove to be destructive for Twitter’s services, in particular for content moderation, already strongly decried before.

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