Tweets now have a view counter

Twitter has been changing little by little since the arrival of Elon Musk at its head. This time, it’s a new piece of data that is displayed under the tweets in addition to the number of retweets, likes and replies: the number of views.

It was Elon Musk himself who announced this novelty, as it should be via a tweet. A function motivated by the passive use of some Internet users: according to the boss of Tesla, 90% of Twitter users only read tweets, without public interactions.

Not all users have access to the feature yet, which is being rolled out globally. It is available on the Android and iOS application, but also on the web browser. Once installed in all users’ devices, the view counter will only affect tweets posted after December 15.

It was already possible for users to access this data, but privately. Under each tweet, the author could indeed click on “see the activity of the tweet”; a small control panel would open, detailing the numbers amassed by the tweet in question. In addition to “engagements”, which correspond to public reactions to the tweet, the author could also discover “impressions”, ie the number of times the tweet was seen on Twitter. A view counter that could still be improved, because if we analyze his tweets, we notice that the impression counter does not always correspond to the view counter data for the same tweet.

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