Tsanko Tsvetanov: Levski has a “mother” – BG Football – efbet Liga

The USA ’94 bronze medalist gave an interview to Code Sport where he talked about Levski’s goals. Tsvetanov stated that the “blues” have a “father” and these are the fans of the club.

“In Bulgaria, they talk about the “Bashtitsa” management model. I can say that Levski has one too. These are the fans who endure and support us. I thank all Levska fans for their love for the team.

All better things happen more slowly. The fact that we achieve good sports results and everything is positive does not mean that everything is flowers and roses in Levski. We have financial problems. The lack of opportunities to find even better players and make the team better. The good times and I have told the players that it is a privilege to play in Levski right now. The only place in Bulgaria where there is an atmosphere for football.

Many things are published in the media. Seven Brazilians cannot land because we have a limit of five non-EU foreigners. In any case, there will be players who will come, but the number will not be large. There’s no need for high turnover when you want to build something. It’s good when new ones come and to part with those who don’t perform well,” said Tsvetanov.

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