Truth or Lie: A Military Coup in China

Social media is abuzz with reports that the military has staged a coup in China and seized power, and President Xi Jinping has been arrested. Whether this is a disinformation attack remains to be seen.

China is said to have canceled more than 6,000 domestic and international flights. Rail traffic is also completely stopped. This is reported by international media.

Chinese author Gordon Chang commented on his Twitter profile that military machines are moving towards Beijing.

“Video shows military vehicles heading towards Beijing, right after 59% of flights in the country are suspended and senior officials are detained. There is a lot of smoke, which means there is a fire somewhere. #China is unstable,” he reported.

Jennifer Zeng, Chinese human rights activist: “PLA (People’s Liberation Army) military vehicles are heading to Beijing on September 22. Starting from Huanglai County near Beijing and ending in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, the entire procession is up to 80 km long.”

There are also rumors that President Xi Jinping has already been arrested after senior CCP (Chinese Communist Party) officials removed him from the post of army chief.

Indian political leader Subramanian Swamy wrote on Twitter:

“New rumor to be checked: Is Xi Jinping under house arrest in Beijing? When Xi was in Samarkand recently, Chinese Communist Party leaders had to remove Xi from the party command of the army. Then house arrest followed. So it goes the rumor”.

Stay tuned for details


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