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The divorce between Totti and Blasi is already taking on comic dimensions. The supposedly ideal family broke up after 20 years of relationship, in which the footballer and the TV presenter were role models and favorites of all of Italy. A court hearing has been scheduled for Friday (October 14) as Ilari refused to divorce by mutual consent. It is yet to be decided how the common property will be distributed.

Days before the case, new absurd news came to light. Il Massaggero claims the former Roma captain refused to return 100 pairs of shoes to his wife, some worth €4,000. He collected them along with the luxury bag collection that the media reported more than a month ago. He did it to use the items as bargaining chips in the divorce case.

In a scathing interview with Corriere della Sera, Francesco, affectionately known as the Prince of Rome by Roma fans, made scathing accusations against Ilari.

“He took my watch collection and emptied my bank account along with his father. He wants to take everything from me. I am not interested in material things, I want my children. I hope we can reach an agreement,” Totti confessed.

Apart from the case, the former international is also busy with organizing his life after his marriage to Blazi. He has already bought a property on the top floor of a luxury building, where he will live with his new flame Noemi Bocki and her two children. The apartment is in Northern Rome, where the legend will move after a lifetime to the southern part of the capital./”Telegraph”

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