Top Russian terrorist Strelkov has been detained

The famous Russian terrorist Igor Girkin, better known as Strelkov, was detained last night by the Russian authorities in Crimea while trying to transfer to the Kherson front as a volunteer.

The news of this was first reported by the Telegram channel “Operation Z: The Veonic Correspondents of the Russian Spring”.

Strelkov has been wanted since 2014 by the authorities in Kyiv as a criminal. He was the commander of the illegal armed formations in Donbass, which ignited the war in Ukraine. For this purpose, he received generous funding from the oligarch close to the Kremlin, Konstantin Malofeev. The former FSB colonel, who was also the defense minister of the separatists from the so-called DPR, is also considered the main suspect in the downing of the Malaysian Boeing-777, on board which 298 people died.

However, after the start of the war in Ukraine, Girkin-Strelkov did not spare his criticism of the Kremlin at all. In his recent video messages, he often talks about how the generals in the Russian army and the leadership of the Ministry of Defense in Moscow are idiots who will lose the war and that the risk of Russia collapsing is very high.

According to preliminary information, Strelkov tried to get to the Kherson Front under a different name, using a passport that was issued to him during his work in the special services.

According to Russian sources, the former Minister of Defense of the DPR did not pursue any political goals.

“The only thing he wants is to take a personal part, as a volunteer, in the Russian war of national liberation that he started,” Alexander Zhuchkovsky, who attended the interrogation, was quoted as saying.


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