Top 5: KEF, Logitech, Philips… the best tips from 10/10/2022

A few months ago, in the summer of 2017, KEF renewed its most affordable and popular line of Hi-Fi speakers, the Q series. Among the two models of bookshelf speakers in the range, the Q350 that we are testing here are the bulkiest. Placed just above the Q150s, they are supposed to be as comfortable in a stereo configuration as in a home-cinema installation.

Logitech has just updated its K400 multimedia wireless keyboard and now offers an improved version, the K400 Plus. What are the evolutions of this keyboard, and do they make it better? Answer right away…

With this OLED TV, Philips is eyeing gamers thanks to reduced display delay and HDMI 2.1 connectivity. However, it does not forget the cinephile public and delivers an irreproachable image quality.

The LG 55B1, the 55-inch (140 cm) version of the LG 65B1 that we tested, is LG’s most affordable Oled TV with 100/120 Hz panel in 2021. Placed between the A1 model and its 60 Hz panel and the C1 more powerful and bright, the LG B1 presents itself as a good compromise.

This 3-in-1 printer is the most accessible model in Canon’s Pixma range, but we expected a little better, especially in photos. Good product overall, it nevertheless suffers from comparison with certain competing models positioned in the same niche.

NB: The reported price drop is calculated by comparing the lowest price of the day with the average of the lowest prices charged by all merchants for the product last month, with security rules to exclude prices from shops whose the VAT policy is not clear (known as “grey” shops, typically in the case of imports from China).

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