Top 5: Final, Plantronics, Amibot… the best tips from 02/11/2022

Nestled among the myriad of wired headphones that are somehow resisting the surge of true wireless, Final’s E500s have good press, despite their low price. Their reputation is not usurped, however, all is not rosy.

The famous Backbeat Pro range is now available in the very popular format of the true-wireless. After two very successful headsets, is Plantronics once again transforming the test with the Backbeat Pro 5100? The answer in this test…

The Spirit Motion is a rather special new robot vacuum cleaner from Amibot since it includes a cyclonic filter. Before it, only the Dyson 360 Eye was equipped with such a filtration system in our comparison. Does that make it a good model?

Launched at around fifty euros, the Melitta Enjoy filter coffee maker is an unpretentious model. Indeed, the only option it offers is an aroma selector.

After the Mi Watch Lite, it is the Xiaomi Mi Watch that invites itself into our columns. With its circular format, its advanced functions and its reasonable price, it stands out as a reference watch on the market.

NB: The reported price drop is calculated by comparing the lowest price of the day with the average of the lowest prices charged by all merchants for the product last month, with security rules to exclude prices from shops whose the VAT policy is not clear (known as “grey” shops, typically in the case of imports from China).

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