Toni Dimitrova erupted violently about her “breakup” with the surgeon, and…

The pride of Burgas is generally known for its good nature and good mood, but this time it was not a joke that it got angry

For Toni Dimitrova, the new year begins as the old one ended – with many work commitments and almost no time for rest. And certainly she had neither a love disappointment nor a breakup, as has been persistently written recently in the public space. She never had a relationship with the surgeon Miroslav Obreykov!

“Dr. Miroslav Obreykov and I have been friends since 2020 and there has never been anything but friendship between us. There is no such thing as ‘dramatic divisions’, ‘love dramas’, etc.!” he told blitz. bg Toni Dimitrova, who did not hide her endless indignation at yet another molded story.

“We’ve seen each other, of course, but we’ve never been boyfriends, and everyone around us knows that. Dr. Obreykov is one of the most respected and sought-after doctors in Burgas, and a very decent person, so don’t confuse his name with such yellow stories! How could anyone come up with such idiocy?! I’m ashamed to even call him now after this nonsense that’s being written. Don’t sully his name!!!”, added the beloved singer from Burgas.

Toni Dimitrova is currently actively rehearsing at the Burgas Drama Theater for the premiere of the musical play “A Very Simple Story” by the Ukrainian Maria Lado on January 19.


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