Tom Hardy won two golds at a Jiu-Jitsu tournament

Famous Hollywood actor Tom Hardy reaped great success at a charity jiu-jitsu tournament in Wolverhampton, England, winning two gold medals in different disciplines.

The 44-year-old actor showed enviable skills in the fighting discipline and a rich arsenal of strikes that earned him early victories.

Many noted that he was no different from the pros, but it should still be noted that his success was at an amateur tournament. Which in no way detracts from Hardy’s brilliant athleticism and conditioning.

The actor has been involved for several years with the Brazilian sport, which is the basis of MMA, and is the proud owner of a blue belt. Despite his huge employment in the cinema, Hardy tries to work out five times a week.

The Briton was not particularly fond of martial arts until in 2010 he got a role in the movie “Warrior”.

There, Tom had to play a professional MMA fighter, and the actor decided to look as authentic as possible. Hardy gained more than 10 kilograms of muscle mass and took up classes at the Wolfslair MMA Academy. There, the star graduate laid the foundations of his combat training, then continued to build.

Hardy fell in love with MMA and even befriended many sports stars. Such as with Cody Garbrandt, in whose locker room Tom was before many important fights. As with Irishman Jack McGann.

Hardy’s trainers note that he spares neither himself nor his opponents at all. He has endured a lot and does not like to lose.

Hardy has had good boxing skills since his teenage years, but Jiu-Jitsu has become his great passion among combat sports.


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