Tom Brady and Gisele: The breakup of one of the most famous couples in the world

Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady is close to divorcing Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen after 13 years of marriage.

According to Page Six, one of America’s most successful athletes and his wife have already hired lawyers for the divorce case.

The battle in court will depend on the division between the two of the jointly acquired property. The exact amount involved varies according to different sources, but it is certainly in the tens of millions.

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The dating story

Brady and Gisele met in 2007 at a party around Christmas. The two fell in love quickly and the very next day the football player called her and invited her on a date.

“When our eyes met and Tom smiled at me, I knew it was the most amazing smile I’d ever seen. We talked for three hours non-stop. I was supposed to be home for Christmas but I just didn’t want to do. You know that feeling of not being able to tear yourself away from someone…”, B√ľndchen shared in an interview years ago.

But not everything turns out to be perfect.

At the time of their acquaintance, the quarterback had recently broken up with his ex-girlfriend – actress Bridget Monahan, who, however, found out that she was pregnant after the breakup. And even though they are already in “ex” status, Brady is taking a lot of flak on social media. But his new passion Giselle takes things quite adequately.

“It was a real challenge. Of course, it was not the best thing that could happen at the very beginning of a relationship, but on the other hand it became a kind of sign and an opportunity for each of us to better understand what important to the other,” explains Giselle.

In 2009, Tom proposed to her in a private plane, laden with white roses, and two months later they got married and today they are the parents of a boy and a girl – Benjamin Raine and Vivian Lake.

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The reasons for the breakup

Quite understandable – such a star couple as theirs was constantly under the spotlight. Yellow media followed their every step, and signals of problems in their relationship began to appear as early as 2013. Giselle herself admitted several times that they really had extremely difficult moments, but they managed to overcome them. This time, however, it is irreversible.

People published an interview with a source close to Tom and Gisele who revealed the reasons behind the split. According to him, the outcome was due to the fact that the 45-year-old Brady decided to continue his professional career and returned to the NFL, despite leaving the big sport at the beginning of the year.

The athlete’s wife insisted that the two live a quieter life, spend more time together and be close to their children.

However, this cannot be done in view of the busy schedule in the league. And B√ľndchen decided to file for divorce.

“Obviously, Tom is in a lot of pain right now. Among other things, he feels very hurt. Brady had a wonderful life. He works hard, he’s a cool guy, a superstar… But all of a sudden, things have gone horribly wrong for him.” the source said.

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The star couple is already living separately, and in the States they claim that the process is irreversible. Gisele is traveling between Miami and New York, and the children are with her. Brady is traveling the country with the Tampa Bay team.

At the same time, the football player does not want to make a big fuss and hopes that the divorce will go smoothly.

But it’s still a lot of money.

Among the properties the couple acquired after the wedding are a mansion on the private island of Indian Creek, a huge house in Costa Rica and a penthouse in Manhattan.


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