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Levski Supervisory Board member Konstantin Papazov was a special guest in dsport’s Sports Chat. He answers your questions. In addition to football topics, Titi also comments on basketball issues. Papazov categorically stated that he will not resign as a member of the Supervisory Board of football Levski. According to him, this is an escape from responsibility, as he subsequently realized that the only correct move was to transfer 125 thousand BGN and cover the penalty on the contract with Macron. Titi Papazov started with the issue of Vasil Bozhkov and the debts of the “blues” to the former owner.

“Since the problem with Vasil Bozhkov happened, every night I have been rehearsing how I am going to Dubai and I know what to say to him in order to convince him to give the shares. I will go to Dubai at my own expense. I had another business project, I sat down and talked with him. He claims that he never verbally said that he would give up his money. It won’t hurt for sure. There are mechanisms,” said Konstantin Papazov.

“There is a huge chance that United Group will acquire Levski. When it looked very heavy, Nasko and I sat together. We are not irresponsible people. Sooner or later, a foreign investor will come to Bulgaria. He will come because of Levski’s big name and audience. The Bulgarian is distrustful. He needs to be 100% convinced about something, and that will not be enough for him. With Dixon, everything lasted nearly six months. Now there is an option to be suspicious and reject it, but we have no second option. A hungry hen dreams of millet. You doubt, you hope, you want. You don’t want to make a mistake. You think a submarine might have been sent. All situations are very serious,” he stated.

“Under Dixon, Nasco put great obstacles in order to insure that Levski would not fall into bad hands. Any transaction of certain shares takes place only for a sum of money’.

“I want the whole of Bulgaria to remember. Levski cannot play in an unreal match. No one was born who can enter the dressing room, no matter who the coach is, and tell the players what to do,” Papazov said when asked if the match with CSKA in the final of the Bulgarian Cup was “real”.

“Over the years, Levski is the most attractive thing. I once told the prime minister that if I were prime minister, I would give 50 million to Levski, 50 million to CSKA. I will secretly give another 50 million to Levski because it will make the nation happy. Nobody ever had a gun put to their forehead. In order to help Levski, these people received benefits. Vasil Bozhkov may have had motivation. What is the reason – whether to prove it, the huge revenues from the National Lottery or political pressure, only he can say.”

“There is foreign interference in the relationship between me and Stanimir Stoilov. You should ask him why he doesn’t like me. Around February 13th, when it’s his birthday, I’ve set myself a forgiveness task. Around the birthday is forgiveness. My relationship with Murray will not negatively affect Levski. The supervisory board is the choice and decision of the owner alone. I have no right to resign. Resignation is submitted to the General Assembly. I know about the correctness of Mr. Sirakov. I will not resign. Resignation is shirking responsibility. It doesn’t exonerate me in any way. The only thing I could do is pay the money. Those people who now claim that I am a man had a different opinion a few days ago,” Titi Papazov admitted.

“The biggest madness that has created Bulgarian sport is the two CSKA. I have never hidden that the two grands are jumped vessels. The clash between them should give rise to the great intrigue,” he believes.

Papazov also commented on basketball topics. Here’s what he said:

“I want to swear to save basketball Levski. This is my life. Again we will create a new team with young players. We did the same after the bankruptcy of KTB. Basketball Levski has only one and has never gone bankrupt and never owed 12 million”.

“Those 125,000 that went to football Levski would have been invaluable for basketball. We have a budget for next season as well. Zlatin Georgiev, Asen Velikov are Levski basketball players. As long as they play basketball, they will be part of Levski. They are a symbol for Levski, then there is Niki Mihailov”.

“We need to collect BGN 300,000 for Levski basketball by October 8. Balkan became the champion with 1.3 million – 1.4. with Two million Lukoil failed to do so. With 1.5 million it became 2021. This year, Levski will be a team that is saving itself. They (young basketball players) do not deserve, when money comes, to expel them”.

You can watch the entire guest appearance of Konstantin Papazov in the attached video!

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