TikTok will better detect “borderline” or sexually “suggestive” videos

TikTok will more easily detect videos that flirt with the rules of its internal policy. The Chinese social network has just announced, in a blog postupdating its algorithms for detecting sexually suggestive videos.

content”difficult to identify

The stated goal is tofostering an appropriate experience […] for minors“. Clearly, the platform will reduce the exposure of young audiences to certain videos “limits” with regard to the rules of the platform. Are particularly concerned “implied nudity, sensual content“, and all unsuitable content”to an audience under 13 years old“Thus, videos detected by TikTok’s algorithms as potentially suggestive will be banned from the feed”For you“Users under the age of 13.

Although technology is more advanced to detect overt nudity, there will always be borderline content that will be more difficult for our systems to identify. We continue to experiment with multiple approaches to enforce our policies in this area“, assures the social network.

At the beginning of 2022, the application had already implemented a content categorization system. The videos more “mature” Where “complex“were no longer recommended for users ages 13-17, whose accounts are categorized as “teenagers“The previous implementation of this tool would have prevented the recommendation of more than a million videos”openly suggestive“during the first 30 days of December 2022, according to the platform.

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Algorithms trained in deep learning

To more effectively detect content that is sexually “explicit, suggestive or limiting”the social network is based on the machine learning. In other words, TikTok’s algorithms have been fed a slew of suggestive videos, learned to recognize key features in content, and are now able to identify clips that replicate those patterns. In addition, the application will soon offer creators the possibility of imposing an age limit on their videos, as was already the case with lives.

This algorithm update comes a few weeks after the application was launched in the United States. Republican Indiana State Attorney Todd Rokita accused the app of exposing “actively our children to drug use, alcohol abuse, profanity and sexually explicit content at a young age.“Todd Rokita directly questioned the social network’s content recommendation program.

We’re building youth wellbeing into our policies, limiting features based on age, giving parents tools and resources, and continuing to invest in new ways to enjoy content based on age. age or family comfort“, had then reacted TikTok.

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