TikTok Now: the new feature that copies the BeReal social network

You will soon see her appear on TikTok. The Chinese social network is launching a new feature aimed at promoting more authenticity on its platform. The concept is simple: you will only have three minutes to take a photo or make a video of ten seconds after receiving a notification via the application. A way to share your daily life in real time through the front and back cameras of your phone. With this option, TikTok hopes to foster more authenticity and engagement between users. An aspect much sought after by the younger generation.


TikTok is a video clip sharing social network that has quickly established itself as a leader in this field, available as a mobile application, you can take it with you anywhere.

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A dedicated application will be launched in France, although TikTok Now will also be accessible via the original social network. It will still be necessary to wait a few weeks before being able to test this new functionality.

However, this novelty is not really one. TikTok Now has largely taken over the concept of BeReal, a social network founded in 2020 by two French people who are a hit across the Atlantic. The application, very trendy with Generation Z, even found itself at the top of downloads for several days last July on the App Store in the United States. His anti-Instagram approach appeals to young Americans. A success that obviously caught the eye of the Chinese giant, determined to maintain its status as the number one social network among teenagers.

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