TikTok is increasingly establishing itself as a source of entertainment ahead of Netflix

In the United States, could TikTok overtake Netflix? This is what seems to indicate the study of YPulse, Media Consumption Monitor Survey, conducted in October 2022 on approximately 1,500 Americans aged between 13 and 39 years. If Netflix still retains the first place of the platforms most used to watch videos, with 69% of responses among users of generation Z, TikTok follows very closely, taking second place with 60%. Growth for the Chinese social network since during the report carried out in April, 58% of generation Z Internet users had then cited TikTok, against 72% for Netflix.


Netflix is ​​a paid subscription application and service that provides access to an online library of several thousand films, series, documentaries, shows and TV shows.

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The content offered by social networks seems to be increasingly attracting the younger generation. In another study conducted by YPulse, 48% of Zs said they prefer watching content on social networks rather than going to streaming platforms. For YPulse, this preference can be explained by the fact of wanting to let go by letting a service make choices for the Internet user. 54% of young users surveyed also admitted to being interested in being able to let streaming services take control to directly offer content to watch, based on their preferences. An option already offered on Netflix with “Play Something”.

The devices used also play a role in this new consumption. 68% of Gen Z users choose their smartphone to watch content on a regular basis compared to 43% who opt for television and 40% for their laptop.

The length of the video would also have an impact on the choice of their preferred platform. 48% of respondents are more likely to choose short videos than long content. However, for long format addicts, the Chinese social network has already implemented the possibility of publishing videos of up to 10 minutes. Some accounts on TikTok also allow you to watch episodes of series or extracts from films in several parts. Users even offer lives by broadcasting series and films.

Netflix still remains the leader, far ahead of its competitors. Disney+ is only cited in fifth place (44%), Hulu in seventh place (31%), Prime Video in eighth place (29%), HBO Max/HBO in tenth place (23%) with YouTube TV and Roku again at the bottom of the ranking (22%).

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