TikTok coming soon to Mercedes-Benz cars

By car, TikTok! After having invaded our smartphone, the social network is now on board our cars. And it is the motorists of future Mercedes-Benz E-Class cars, equipped with the new MBUX Superscreen screens, who will be able to benefit from it. The Chinese platform unveiled a partnership with the German brand at the event Strategy Update: Mercedes-Benz Operating System.

The object of their collaboration? Provide access to TikTok from the vehicle dashboard. Forget your phones, the driver and passengers will be able to scroll through the videos in the For You thread comfortably seated in their seat. They can either log in to their own account or watch the content via guest mode, thanks to two separate screens.

The platform wanted to reassure consumers by stressing that increased moderation would be applied to content accessible via the guest mode, which will be suitable for all passengers regardless of their age.

No security concerns either. If the integration of the social network within the options of a car such as Mercedes-Benz can make people cringe, especially among those in charge of road safety, the two brands have confirmed that access to TikTok does not could only be done when the vehicle is stationary: “Safety is at the center of all our initiatives as a company and our partnership with Mercedes-Benz is no exception. Using advanced technology, Mercedes-Benz ensures that our community enjoys this offer safely. When the vehicle is in motion, the transmission of images is not activated and the use of all entertainment applications is limited to the central screen.

This experience will allow users to comment, like and, of course, discover videos posted on TikTok. They will also be able to take a photo or video of themselves thanks to a selfie and video camera that will be “available on the top of the dashboard”as specified by Mercedes-Benz in its press release, thus making it possible to potentially create content thanks to their car.

The Chinese giant is determined to become essential on all media. TikTok had already decided to distribute its content directly to waiting rooms in the United States, and could extend its offer to other markets if it is successful.


TikTok is a video clip sharing social network that has quickly established itself as a leader in this field, available as a mobile application, you can take it with you anywhere.

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