This not-so-crazy eco-responsible electric bike project

In order to be more durable, a brand new electric bike has been equipped with a motor and a battery whose set of defective components can be changed at any time, without having to get rid of an entire block. . This saves money and above all considerably improves the life expectancy of your bike. The manufacturer Jean Fourche is at the origin of this new electric bike which is intended to be innovative. The idea is to be able to change parts of its engine or its battery without having to change the bike.

The battery, from Gouach and which has a range of 80 km, is supposed to be repairable in less than 10 minutes. Indeed, its solderless design makes it possible to replace the smallest defective cells very quickly, without having to change (and throw away) the entire battery. Only defective elements can be changed as they wear out. And it is exactly the same principle that applies with the pedal motor developed by Virvolt. Without any specific tool, all of the component parts can be replaced in the event of a failure.

A bike designed and assembled in Bordeaux

For the rest, this bike, on the border between a city bike and a cargo bike, has an aluminum frame (from Portugal) ideal for anyone measuring between 1m50 and 1m90. Its two storage supports offer a total load capacity of 50 kg, to transport a child and/or some goods.

This electric bike, designed, painted and assembled in Bordeaux, is available from 2290 euros. As an option, it is possible to choose a double stand or puncture-proof tires. The first deliveries are scheduled for spring. Among bicycle manufacturers, the trend is increasingly towards eco-responsibility, with in particular the use of easily recyclable materials such as bamboo or flax fibre.

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