This is where Sophie Marr’s money goes…

The Roma nightingale admitted something that shocked her fans, but also showed what happens to her huge income

Sofi Marinova is one of the most sought-after folk singers in our country and has one of the highest fees in the industry. It’s a well-known fact that money is slipping through her fingers and Sophie can’t be seen with money, no matter how much she gets a month.

Her colleagues marvel at her intelligence and wonder how she can earn over 100 grand a month and still not have her own home. Sophie finally admitted what she spends the most money on. You will catch the head of the singer’s hobby, because of which she cannot keep money in herself.

The Roma nightingale does not hide that the main part of her fees goes to luxury vehicles, writes show.blitz.bg. Folk diva is not a fan of high speeds and prefers comfortable cars to fast ones.

It’s no secret that folk artists spend a lot of time in their cars, and they are like a second home to them. When asked what is the most interesting thing she must have in her car, Sofi Marinova answered:

“My car is very empty! I see many colleagues wearing suits, perfumes, everything. Because that’s where we live. However, I leave home dressed, made up. I only have an umbrella in the car. If it rains, to go down with an umbrella. I also have a suitcase with toiletries, a brush, toothpaste. But I don’t wear outfits! Because I love traveling around Bulgaria and in every city I have a favorite shop where I leave all my fee.”

Sofi Marinova revealed that the first car she bought to travel to appearances was a Moskvich. The social vehicle of the voice actress caused a lot of vicissitudes, and very soon after she got it, she decided to replace it with a brand new Lada.

“My first car was a Moskvich 12-stroke. And when he blocked and when the lid was opened, water flew out. There were many shoots. Then it was Lada and I leveled up. It may sound funny, but 30 years ago the Moskvicha was a luxury car. You were great! I’ve always spent the money on cars because I live there,” Sophie told the Fan TV camera.


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