This is how much the price of petrol and diesel drops for…

Gasoline is below BGN 2.70, and there has not been such a price for 18 months

Fuel prices are expected to drop by 15 to 20 cents before Christmas. Thus, diesel will fall below BGN 3, which will be its lowest price in 18 months – the last time it was like this was in April last year.

Mass gasoline A95 is expected to fall below BGN 2.70. The reason is the serious decline in international markets. Brent crude was already trading at $84 a barrel on Sunday, down 1.68%. In comparison, during the summer, prices sometimes exceeded even $100.

Light crude also fell as much as $76.55. The reason for this is the ceiling on the price of Russian oil discussed by the G-7 countries as part of the sanctions against Russia. The amount being discussed is $65-70 per barrel.

At the moment, Russia exports mainly by sea to China and India, where about 2/3 of the deliveries are directed. At the same time, however, demand from China is decreasing, as lockdowns continue to be imposed in the country due to the “zero covid” policy. China is the largest importer of oil in the world.

In our country, the mass-market gasoline A95 already became cheaper on Sunday by another 1 cent, and for the last month – by a total of 10 cents, and so its price fell on average to BGN 2.86 per liter at gas stations. This is its lowest value since March 1, when soon after Russia’s attack on Ukraine, oil prices began to rise – slightly at first, then quite strongly.

At this price, car drivers in our country are still using, and will most likely use, at least until the New Year, a discount of 25 cents per liter of gasoline. Last week, the cabinet decided to allocate another BGN 36 million for this measure, for which BGN 150 million was allocated from the budget as of July 1. They would only reach December 4-5, but with the new tranche of BGN 36 million .the discount will be given until the New Year, and possibly after.

Diesel is also becoming cheaper, although it is significantly more expensive than A95 gasoline. At the moment, its average price is BGN 3.30 per liter and is 5 cents lower than last week. For this regular diesel, people also get a discount of 25 cents per liter.

The most sensitive is the decrease in the price of methane – by BGN 1.60 for the last month. At the moment, its average price is BGN 3.31. The price of methane is directly related to the price of natural gas, which, despite the tension due to the suspension of supplies from Russia to almost all of Europe, continues to become cheaper.


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