This Friday is also Green Friday

What if, in fact, it was urgent not to buy anything on sale this Friday, November 25, day of the unconditional Black Friday? On the sidelines of this major pre-holiday trade fair, associations and companies committed to the climate and sustainable consumption launched the #GreenFriday, in the form of a movement of resistance to overconsumption. Some partners of Digital participate in it, such as the HOP (Halte à l’obsolescence programme) association with which we work, for example, on the repairability index of the products we test.

“It’s hard to resist the call for promotions despite one’s convictions when inflation is undermining household budgets. Although 70% of French people associate Black Friday with excess and overconsumption, the commercial event is still as attractive as ever. However, increasingly sensitive to the eco-responsible nature of their purchases, 55% of the French say they want to take advantage of the opportunity offered by promotions this year. More surprising: 27% of them say they also want to participate in Green Friday, the alternative event advocating reasoned consumption”sum up the founding members of Green Friday, from Altermundi to Emmaüs France, via Dream Act and the Refer (Paris Region Re-employment Network).

Forced labor, global warming, destruction of biodiversity

In total, the Green Friday collective, launched six years ago with the credo “consume better, consume less”. They undertake not to practice greenwashing, to work for responsible consumption, not to offer reductions this Friday, November 25 and to donate 10% of their daily turnover to the benefit of committed associations supported and selected by the collective. The member associations must organize events to raise awareness of responsible consumption.

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Each year, this collective organizes alternative operations to Black Friday to raise awareness about the issue of overconsumption and its social and environmental impacts. This year, he carried out a study among 1,608 French people representative of the population, aged 15 and over.

“What emerges: a great paradox between the desire of the French to pay attention to their consumption and the call for promotions in the midst of inflation. More than opposing each other, the two events seem to be complementary in the minds of some consumers”.

“Many French people make daily efforts by trying, for example, to favor repair, reuse and second-hand, local, ethical brands or even to participate in events on the subject. Despite this, and all the more so with current inflation, Black Friday is still seen as an opportunity to buy the products they feel they need at a discount. They are not necessarily in a buying frenzy, but seize the opportunity to try to reduce expenses”explains Jean-Paul Raillard, president of the Green Friday collective.

However, he says he is still challenged by the relatively positive image of the Black Friday event, despite its environmental and social impact. “We have a lot of communication work to do to inform the French about behind the scenes: forced labor, global warming, destruction of biodiversity, etc.”he adds.

An ambivalent approach

While this study shows that 92% of consumers emphasize the importance of price, 94% of them prefer quality products and 83% say they want to avoid overconsumption. They are 73% to favor local products when possible and 59% to opt for ethical or eco-responsible brands and products. Rather encouraging figures according to the Green Friday collective, which denote a shift in the act of purchase towards something more reasoned. On the other hand, according to this study, consumers have very little interest in the labeling of products.

In the same study, we find that 97% of respondents have already heard of Black Friday and that 63% have already taken part in it. Nevertheless, 75% believe that the event does not always lead to good business and 70% associate it “to excess and overconsumption”. This refers to recent figures published by the Ecological Transition Agency (Ademe) according to which 90% of French people find that we live in a society that constantly encourages consumption and 83% would like to see the place of consumption decline in their daily. 7 out of 10 French people also make, according to Ademe, a very clear link between consumption and impact for the planet.

On the other hand, only 35% of respondents have already heard of Green Friday. With this article, they will be a little more numerous.

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