This app manages last wishes and posthumous messages

“Have you thought about what will happen if you die suddenly?” With this dark idea in mind, a Mexican has designed an application to store messages and last wishes that a user would like to share with his loved ones after his death. The application, called Past Post, “lets you leave your things in order for that moment which will come when you least expect it”explains to AFP its creator, the entrepreneur Miguel Farrell.

Past Post, for example, allows a father in good health to record congratulatory messages that his children can listen to several years later when they graduate, if ever he dies in the meantime, as shown in a promotional video.

The app keeps the video in the form of NFT (certificate of authenticity associated with a computer file which can be an image, a text or a piece of music), impossible to copy or alter. NFTs are stored on a blockchaina technology that serves in particular as a support for cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

For $19 per year, the application fits into the niche of so-called solutions afterlife (posthumous).

A digital will?

It also makes it possible to record advance directives such as the preference in terms of care or the organization of the funeral. The user can also leave instructions on the administration of his bank accounts or on social networks.

A digital will? The designer reminds that Past Post cannot replace a real will for which the law requires a notarized document. The file created by the application “has no legal value, but a very important symbolic value”he points out.

In the land of the Day of the Dead, the vast majority of Mexicans have neither a will nor a heritage inventory, according to the Past Post website.

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