They wounded her in the heart! Toni Dimitrova alone again, abandoned the surgeon

Toni Dimitrova has not been doing particularly well in love in recent years. The favorite singer of Burgas has broken up with one of the famous surgeons in the city, with whom she was in a relationship until recently.

According to “Gallery”, the two did not have scandals or any other quarrels, but simply considered that their relationship was over. They parted culturally, without noise and insulting words – in contrast to the way the singer ended her relationship with her previous boyfriend – guitarist Ivan Chenov, whom she directly called “Liar”.

“There are things and people that, if I could turn back time, I wouldn’t have done them to myself! But there is no such rubber, so I have forced myself to remember them as former people. But they are negligible and do not occupy my thoughts,” she commented then the vocal girl from Burgas and even hinted that while they were together, Ivan was shooting stars at her, and she naively trusted him, after which he took advantage of her trust and cheated on her. Toni Dimitrova suffered from the relationship with Chenov, who appeared in the “Voice of Bulgaria” years ago, and in financial terms, because for a long time he accumulated dividends on her back, profiting from her appearances.

Before the love disappointment with a young girl, the performer of “Ah, the sea” has another fiasco – the marriage with the father of her daughter Magdalena, the publication also writes. Milen abandoned the family while the child was still small, chasing other women. He even started a new family before the official divorce.

For many years, the two quarreled publicly, with Tony accusing him of not caring enough about their shared heiress. To date, the two have reconciled, and their daughter is now grown up and studying forensics, having previously tried to study at NATFIZ, but left voluntarily because acting was not her element, show.blitz.bg writes


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