They turned off Anne Heish’s life support after finding a recipient for her organs

They turned off Anne Heish’s life support after finding a recipient for her organs

Anne Hesch’s life support has been turned off after a viable recipient was found for her organs, People magazine reports.

It is not yet clear which of hers will be donated to the unidentified recipient. The “Another World” and “Six Days, Seven Nights” star was pronounced dead, according to California law, after the loss of all brain functions and in accordance with accepted medical standards. The actress’ body was on life support to preserve the organs for potential donation, according to the wishes she declared during her lifetime.

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The Hollywood celebrity died at the age of 53 after a serious accident. In the incident, Heish suffered severe burns and brain damage, as well as serious trauma that required her to be placed on artificial respiration. She was in a coma before she died.

On Thursday, a Los Angeles police spokesman confirmed that a blood test showed the Emmy winner was under the influence of drugs when she crashed. Another law enforcement source said the initial blood test revealed the presence of cocaine.

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Those closest to her, including her son Homer Lafoun, her ex-husband Coleman Lafoun, and her former partners Ellen DeGeneres and James Tupper expressed their grief and respect for Hesh.

It’s a sad day. Sending all my love to Anne’s children, family and friends“, wrote on Twitter the comedian, who for 18 years hosted her own talk show. Her relationship with Hesh in the late 90s caused a homophobic wave in Hollywood.

Among all those who mourn the death of the actress was Lynn Michel, who lived in the home in the Mar Vista neighborhood, BTA reports. Michelle, who is still “recovering” from this “crazy, traumatic time,” offered her condolences to Hesh’s loved ones on Instagram.

The news of Anne Hesch’s death is devastating. Her family and her friends, and especially her children, have truly suffered a great loss and my heart goes out to them. This whole situation is tragic and truly beyond wordsshe wrote.

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