They trashed the Serbian team: Complete kitsch, we don’t even have a coach – Football world – World Cup

The Serbian camp is shaking ahead of the team’s most important World Cup 2022 match against Switzerland. Tomorrow’s match is crucial for qualifying in the eliminations, with our western neighbors only needing a win.

But ahead of Friday’s big clash, media outlets in the country revealed some shocking things about the team’s camp in Qatar. One of them is that star Dusan Vlahovic slept with goalkeeper Vanja Milinkovic-Savic’s wife, which sounds absurd as they are family friends. The two live very close to each other in Turin, as the guard looks after Toro and the forward plays for Juventus.

A day before the decisive match with Switzerland, former Serbian striker Rade Bogdanovic, who shone in the 1990s for Atl├ętico Madrid and Werder Bremen, criticized the team harshly and mercilessly. He is an analyst for the national RTS television, and for years he has been liked by the public because he never boldly saves his opinion.

“A lot of things are wrong. I don’t understand why they allowed the players’ wives to be in their hotel. They are constantly downstairs, with the others, like some kind of vanity parade. Kitsch. A footballer in a world cup needs full concentration on the matches .This is a big mistake.

Besides, these guys haven’t been to barracks, they can’t understand what it’s like to be without your girlfriend for six months or a year. They don’t know the word “discipline”, they can’t do without their mobile phone. I would advise them to just turn them off and have the women in another hotel. And to concentrate on the match with Switzerland, which will be very difficult. The opponent is an extremely strong and disciplined team.

In the last match against Cameroon (3:3 – b.a.) we played without a coach. Pixie Stojkovic was on the bench both at 3-1 for us when he had to just adjust some things, get the team back tighter and wait for counter-attacks, and at 3-3 when we got two goals in two minutes and barely they wouldn’t beat us. In such moments, the coaching work shows. We were without a coach in this match,” commented Bogdanovic.

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