They stopped 6,000 Argentine thugs for the World Cup in Qatar

Soccer fans involved in violent acts, with a proven practice in illegal associations and even in debt for food, are part of a list of 6,000 Argentines who will not be allowed to enter the stadiums of the World Cup in Qatar, the city government has announced Buenos Aires on Monday.

In June, the Ministry of National Security signed a cooperation agreement with the Qatari embassy to prevent Argentine hooligans, especially with criminal activities, from attending the World Cup.

Among the 6,000 people in question, who are on the ban list, there are 3,000 who, in principle, do not have access to the matches in Argentine cities, or so it is assumed.

“We are trying to limit the export of violence in Qatar, said the Minister of Justice and Security of the city, Marcelo D’Alessandro, in an interview with a local radio station. – Violators are here, but it is not excluded that some have already reached Qatar. We want to return peace to football and bullies out of the stadiums.

They, the banned people, are proven participants in the so-called barras bravas-groups (extreme ultras, mainly engaged in criminal activity). Many of them have criminal records for hooliganism and other types of crimes, others are simply on the police lists as part of “trapitos” (people who have been involved in prohibited street businesses all their lives). There is also a group of people who will not travel because they owe alimony payments to their ex-partners with whom they are divorced, or who are the parents of their children, even though they are not married,” the minister further outlined the picture.

The senior police official added that their ambition to control those entering Qatar further sent “as always at the World Cups, delegations from various police officers from the country to work together with the Qatari security authorities”.

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