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The former president of the International Federation of Motor Sports (FIA) Jean Todt issued important information about the condition of Michael Schumacher. The 76-year-old Frenchman did so in the film The Method, which has been broadcast since last week on French pay TV Channel+ and tells the story of Todd’s motoring career.

“Michael will always be a part of my life and no matter the situation. The question today is how to make it so that he can be back in society, to help him and his family,” the Frenchman surprisingly announced and gave hope to Schumacher’s fans that they might see him in public again.

Jean Todt leads the film crew to the Ristorante Montana restaurant in Maranello, where together with Michael Schumacher they had lunch in the company of the owners Rosella and Maurizio. After the visit, Rosella asks the Frenchman to hug Shumi from her.

“Of course I’ll tell Michael I’ve been to you. I have to do it carefully because he is very sensitive,” replies the former Ferrari boss.

The cameras follow Jean Todt to Corina Schumacher’s ranch. Michael’s wife confirms to the team how important the Frenchman’s role is for the family.

“In the early years it was easy to be Michael’s friend. However, when the situation turned, we saw who the people could really be counted on. We found out who the real friends are. That’s Jean. To be precise, he is one of the few. It is important for Michael and for us to know that we have such a person by our side. We can always turn to him for any questions. This person is like a gift to us,” states Corina.

Jean Todt is very close to the family of Schumacher, who on December 29, 2013 suffered a serious accident while skiing. Several head surgeries followed and he was in a coma for a long time. Since then, the seven-time Formula 1 champion has not appeared in public and all information about his condition comes from Todd or official messages from the family of the legendary German driver.

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