they fined the prime minister for driving without a seat belt

It’s like that all over the world. British police fined Prime Minister Rishi Sunak today for not wearing a seat belt in a moving car while filming a video for social media.

Lancashire Police said earlier on Twitter, without naming the prime minister: “We have today issued a conditional offer of a fixed penalty to a 42-year-old man from London.”

The fixed penalty means Sunak can pay a fine to avoid a court hearing.

A Downing Street statement said Sunak “fully accepts that this was a mistake and has apologised”. “He will, of course, comply with the fixed fine,” the statement said.

The BBC reported that the fine for not wearing a seat belt as a passenger in a car is 100 pounds ($124). If the case goes to court, Sunak could pay up to £500.

In the video, prepared for distribution on Sunak’s social media channels, the belt-less Conservative leader spoke from the back seat of a moving car about his pro-growth policies during a trip to Lancashire in northern England.

Sunak’s transport habits have already been the talk of the UK.

His political rivals have taken aim at his use of a private jet to make numerous short flights in recent days.


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