They finally approved the 2026 engine rules –

They finally approved the 2026 engine rules –

photo: Spas Genev

The FIA ​​World Council has finally ratified the rules for new drive systems in Formula 1to be used from 2026.

“This regulation is the result of extensive research and development by the FIA, as well as further consultation between FIA and current and potential propulsion system manufacturers,” the federation’s official statement said

All three types of rules for aggregate manufacturers have been approved – technical, sports and financial. This gives Porsche and Audi the opportunity to finally officially announce whether they will participate in Formula 1.

“The FIA ​​continues to work for innovation and sustainable development in all branches of our motorsport portfolio,” said Federation President Mohammed bin Sulayem. “The 2026 Formula 1 Powertrain Regulation is the most serious example of this. The introduction of advanced engine technologies along with synthetic fuels is in line with our goals to achieve improvements for drivers of normal cars as well as achieving carbon neutrality by 2030. Formula 1 is currently enjoying tremendous growth. We are confident that these rules will add to the excitement of the changes that have already come into force for 2022.”

Bin Sulayem thanked everyone involved in the rulemaking process. The World Council’s decision also includes the budget limit for propulsion system manufacturers

From 2023 to 2025, it will be 95 million dollars. From the entry into force of the new rules, that is, from 2026, it will increase to $130 million. New manufacturers will be entitled to an additional $10 million for their first two Grand Prix seasons and $5 million for their third season.