They double the travel expenses for the country

Fuel money will now be refunded based on the combined rather than the average cost of the car

To double the minimum amount of daily allowance for business trips within Bulgaria, which enterprises, budgetary organizations, institutions, etc. pay their employees. This foresees a change in the regulation on travel allowances, published for public discussion by the Council of Ministers.

As “24 Chasa” wrote, dissatisfaction due to the low travel money both in the country and abroad arose at the end of last year. The KNSB insisted on their increase. The regulation for those on business trips abroad has not been touched since 19, but for those in the country – since 15. Even today, when the worker is on a business trip in the country, the employer owes him at least BGN 10 per day, and if he stays for the night – BGN 20. The amount of daily money for the EU is about 35 euros.

Last week, the Council of Ministers published a proposal for an increase in business trip money abroad. It provides that they will now be calculated in euros for all destinations. In addition, the possibility for officials to travel in business class on long flights also disappears.

Now the government proposes that the minimum amount of daily money for a business trip in Bulgaria should be increased from BGN 20 to BGN 40. And when employees travel on a business trip with a personal car, fuel will no longer be paid based on the average cost, but on the combined city and intercity road .


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