They canceled concerts of the group “Pantera” because of the Nazi salute that the frontman gave them 7 years ago.

Three shows on the recently reunited Pantera’s upcoming tour have been canceled this week. The reason for this is accusations of racism leveled at its frontman Phil Anselmo, provoked by an incident that took place almost seven years ago, in which the artist gave a Nazi salute, shouting the words “White Power” at the audience during a concert.

As the foreign press recalls, the respected metal band, which has not toured for over two decades, recently dropped out of two German festivals – “Rock am Ring” and “Rock im Park” after they had already been announced as participants in the events. Then the organizer of the forums explained that the decision to remove them from them was made after long conversations with the artists, partners and fans.

Now the band’s upcoming show in Vienna, which was supposed to take place on May 31 this year, has also been cancelled. The Austrian press reports that the team did not give a specific reason for the suspension, but instead announced that they would refund anyone who bought a ticket for the event.

According to Blabbermouth.net, some of the backlash the musicians faced earlier came from Germany’s Green Party. At a recent meeting of Nuremberg’s city council, a spokeswoman for the political organization criticized Anselmo’s “repeated” use of Nazi slogans and ideology, saying she thought the band’s participation in the events was irresponsible given the fact that “Rock am Ring” was being held in former premises of the Nazi Party.

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Phil Anselmo came under heavy criticism in 2016 after he was filmed giving a Nazi salute from the stage at a concert, shouting “White Power” – words specific to Nazi-minded groups in the United States of America. After a video of the incident surfaced on YouTube, the performer initially claimed he was only joking as he was under the influence of the white wine he had consumed in excessive amounts backstage. He later issued a full apology, saying that “anyone who knows me and my true nature knows that I don’t believe in any of that“.

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