They broke call centers in our country, in Cyprus and Serbia, scamming them with investments in cryptocurrencies

Call centers that tricked people into investing in cryptocurrencies were busted in a joint operation in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Germany and Serbia, Europol announced. The operation was under their supervision.

“This criminal network tricked its victims into investing large sums of money in fake cryptocurrency schemes,” the European police agency wrote.

During the January 11 operation, there were 15 arrests. 14 are detained in Serbia and one in Germany. 42 people were questioned here, two in Cyprus, three in Germany and 214 in Serbia. 5 addresses have been searched in our country. It is understood from the announcement that there were 2 registered companies and 3 residences in Bulgaria.

3 digital wallets containing about 1 million dollars and 50 thousand euros in cash were seized.

At least 2 million are the losses for the people. The suspects advertised their services on social media to lure their victims. They offered seemingly incredible investment opportunities.

People, mostly from Germany, first put in small amounts – a few hundred euros each. After being lured by the supposedly large profits, the victims invested again. It is expected that there will be many new complaints, so far there are also known about several cases from Switzerland, Australia and Canada. “This would mean that the criminals may have won hundreds of millions of euros,” added Europol.

The action has nothing to do with the investigation against Nexo.


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