They arrested a woman who left a note on the grave of Putin’s parents

60-year-old Irina Tsibaneva from St. Petersburg has been detained under house arrest and criminal proceedings have been opened against her for a note left on the grave of Russian President Putin’s parents, the Russian portal Mediazona reported, citing her son Maxim Zybanev. The portal did not report the contents of the note, but according to other Russian outlets, it read “Take it away.”

Tsibaneva visited a cemetery in St. Petersburg last Thursday, October 6. On Monday morning, October 10, a policeman came to the apartment, he writes OFFNews.

On October 11, Irina Tsibaneva was taken by the police to the Primorsky District Court of St. Petersburg. According to her official lawyer Sergey Trusov, a case has been opened against the woman under part 2, point “b” of article 244 of the Criminal Code (desecration of the bodies of the dead and their burial places, carried out on the basis of political, ideological, racial, national or religious hatred or enmity) and the prosecution asked for custody, but the court decided to leave her under house arrest.

During the remand hearing itself, the text of the note in question to the president’s parents also became clear:

“Parents of the maniac, take him home, he has caused so much pain and misery, the whole world is praying for his death.. (inaudible). Death to Putin, you have raised a freak and a murderer.”

In the courtroom, Tsibanova did not deny that she wrote the note. According to her, this happened after she “watched the news and realized that everything is very scary, everything is very sad, the dead are too many.”

We remind you that on September 27 there was another note addressed to the parents of the Russian president.

“Dear Parents! Your son is behaving outrageously! He’s skipping history classes, fighting with neighbors and threatening to blow up the school. Take action!”, the note read.


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